12 reasons you know you are a Toronto gay

Every city has certain unique characteristics that define it and help set it apart from other cities.  In Toronto, we have much to be proud of: a diverse multicultural population; a booming television and film industry; two of North America’s largest annual festivals, Pride and Caribana; a world famous film festival; and let’s not forget, one of the biggest phallic symbols on the planet.

Also proudly home to one of the largest gay populations in North America, here are some of things we think are specific when it comes to defining the gay Torontonian:

1. You’ve ravenously eaten a Superfresh ham and cheese croissant at 3am.

2. To you, a Business Women’s Special isn’t necessarily two burgers, some fries, and Diet Cokes.

3. You dress like you’re going clubbing when shopping at Loblaws on a Sunday afternoon.

4. You’re Facebook friends with Sofonda Cox.

5. You’ve slept with at least one cast member of 1 Girl 5 Gays and it definitely wasn’t Aliya Jasmine.

6. Queen West?  More like Queer West.

7. When someone says they live in Vaseline Tower you know what they mean and kinda judge them — but only a little, because their Grindr pic is hot.

8. Hanlan’s Point Beach is referred to by you and your friends as simply Gay Beach.

9. You’ve sprinted from Woody’s to Crews at 1:55am after watching some drunk guys from out of town drop their drawers in an attempt to win some cash.

10. You know where to find Gay Pizza.

11. You’ve never mistaken the door for Steamworks as the door to the underground parking garage.  Ahem.

12. You got tagged along with six other homos when your friend posted this on Facebook because this is so totally about you.

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