Here are 12 examples of white people twerking on Vine

Maybe because Miley twerked at the VMAs and drew the ire of every true twerker out there, or perhaps just because it is Friday and we ran out of real things to write about sometime on Wednesday, here is a compilation of 12 Vines featuring white folks trying to get ratchet and failing pretty miserably in most cases.

1. Dorm room twerk team.

That girl isn’t even in heels. Someone get a drag queen in there to show them how to do a wall mount ASAP.

2. Barn yard twerk team.

Square dances sure have changed since our days in the 4H club.

3. Outside, barefoot, at night twerk team

The crickets in the backyard are laying down a sick beat, better twerk it.

4.Princess bedroom twerk team

“Move the stuffed animals over, let’s practice twerking!”

5. Maroon 5 solo twerk

While I’m not sure what constitutes appropriate music for twerking, I’m pretty sure Maroon 5 is not it.

6. Twerkin’ Grandma

Where ‘being hip’ and ‘needing a hip replacement’ intersect.

7. Twerking white boy

He’s actually not doing so bad. Not bad at all. Keep twerkin’ white boy.

8. White boy twerk team.

Damn, the white boys on Vine have this down. Twerking in basketball shorts works for my eyes.

9. School yard mega twerk team (twerkquake)

Rememeber when kids played hopscotch?

10. Gas pedal twerk duo

If this gym class has a unit on twerking I at least hope it comes after the sex ed unit.

11. Twerk trio drop

No! You’re gonna leave footprints on the wall! Your father *just* refinished this basement!

12. Basement twerk gang featuring Urkel

Once more the boys outshone the girls, but outshining the boys was Urkel, and outshining Urkel was the giant shining floodlight in this serial killer cellar.

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